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Live Coverage: Iran 9th July Protests

Interview Guest:
Professor Scott Lucas
Scott Lucas is Professor of American Studies at the University of Birmingham, UK, and Adjunct Professor of the Institute for North American and European Studies at the University of Tehran; also a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for American Studies and Research at American University Beirut. A specialist in US and British foreign policy, he has published extensively on Middle-East politics -especially on the Suez Crisis. Professor Lucas is a frequent contributor to American, British, and international media. He writes for, and is a founder of, the weblog --where he currently blogs unmissable news analysis and reporting.

Protester estimate subsequent to the above audio

Based on analysis of considerable video evidence and news/tweet reports. From the reported totals at key locations - add those in these key location marches who did not make it to the center. Also from an analysis of videos depicting scenes at intersections; and reliable reports that the protests were widely scattered down to local level.

Guesstimate Methodology:
Key Locations at peak: 7,000
Surrounding these areas: 5,000
Local intersections also: 10,000 (50 by 200avg per intersection)
Local street gatherings : 3,000 (50 by 60avg per street)

Estimated Total: ~25,000 in Tehran

Image Gallery: Here NYTimes Gallery Here

Latest Confirmed Videos:

Enghelab Ave

Tehran Center

Pre 5pm Tehran - North Karegar before clashes

Latest Media Accounts:
France24 Video

Raw Trusted Source Twitter Feeds

Latest First, up to 5:00pmEST = 9:00pm GMT = 1:30am Tehran

IranRiggedElectFrom Iran: Despite being beaten, general feeling is that we WON today!

omidhabibiniaVideo: Tehran University Dorm 20.30

IranRiggedElect: RT: @IranAnon: Do not underestimate the number of protesters today just bcuz they were scattered. They were at every crossing

IranRiggedElect: RT @omidhabibinia: Clashes at Narmak and Tehran Pars, 11PM...

IranRiggedElectFrom Isfahan: FAMILIES participated in the protest, women, seniors, everyone.

lotfanVIDEO: People chanting,Mojtaba (khamanei's son) death to you, you shall never see the supreme leadership

IranRiggedElect: several srcs from #iran report: Guards, plainclothes and police seemed tired and nervous today.

IranRiggedElect: Plainclothes claimed that they are going back to Amirkabir's dorm 2night.

IranRiggedElect: Plainclothes attacked Amirkarbir Univ Dorm:

lotfan: RT @IranAnon: July 9th, tonight, in an area where allah o akbars had stopped, fortunately allah o akbars were heard again

IranRiggedElect: RT @.. Hearing VERY powerful shouts of "Allaho Akbar" here in Qeitarieh. I'm gonna go on the roof and join them. B back

MikVerbrugge: analysis:Less chants for Mousavi &against Ahmedinejad,more chants against Khamenei& Mojtaba = Escalation!

IranRiggedElect: RT @MikVerbrugge: Today's reports showed the Basiji stretched thin. Certainly due 2 multiple simultaneous gatherings.

LaraABCNews: Tehrani: police first struck people, then told them to leave. if store owners hadn't come to our rescue I don't know what would've happened

jimsciuttoABC: One eyewitness heard gunshots at Engelab Sq and saw ppl fall. Anyone else hear/see the same?

MikVerbrugge: Small groups seemed to be armed & used Molotov Cocktails.

iraniscc: friend back says: bassij used a gas that burned our skins its still red and inflamed. Confirmed RT

iraniscc: Snanadaj: ppl gathered too from 1930 oneards in main sq. but full of special forces to attck still there.

MikVerbrugge: according to contact: pockets of violent resistance are forming, dispatch transcripts show many hotspots

MikVerbrugge: thank you RT @Iranianrevolt i have same msg, armed police shooting plainclothes, from ppl claiming they r eyewitness Tehran 9:20pm

iraniscc: Tabriz: ABresan jnct and Univ.sq.hell of lot of gaurds would arrest any one suspicious.

iraniscc: a call from Mashad: ppl in Park jct. up to 7/8000 dispersed and united later

iraniscc: guards tried very much to disperse ppl in Saadat abad bazar in vain

Nico: Shootings reported. "Tweets passing around that there are heavy clashes near Azadi Square.. Word is out that 3 people have been shot by security forces."

MikVerbrugge: The #nir team protecting "friend" personalities are out of harm's way, no casualties

MikVerbrugge: Tehran Basiji reporting heavy casulaties & many units either on the run or retreat. It's like entire Tehran is an urban combat zone. Security Forces uninterrupted requests for backup & distress coming fr all over Tehran. NIR taking out unidentified snipers, trying to keep situation calm until personalities they are protecting are out.
Combined tweets ~8:53pmTehran

MikVerbrugge: From emergency dispatch of Tehran: Fire in Mirdamad getting out of control 8:30pm Tehran

IranRiggedElect: FR Tehran: clashes in Azadi, Enqelab, Vanq, Jomhouri, Valiasr

MikVerbrugg: Basij forces asking for re-enforcement in midtown

MikVerbrugge: Chaos. Distress messages from security forces being shot at requesting airborne support.

MikVerbrugge: Unbelieveable msgs coming in: Uniformed POLICE force shooting at armed Basiji militia Unconfirmed early report 7:45 Tehran

MikVerbrugge: NIR Officers engaged in armed conflicts against Plainclothed.

iranisccRT: @shab77: RT Reports ppl coming out of their homes, standing in their own streets, shouting Allah Akbar&death to dictators.

iranisccRT: @IranTweet: Iranian from Tehran, Call IranTV - situation is so bad, that police are now also attacking each other" Unconfirmed early report

lotfanRT: @BreakingNews: Reuters witness: Iranian police shoot in the air to disperse pro-reform demonstrators in Tehran; several detained.

iraniscc: Sec forces have put cars in midd of ferdowsi bt ppl still force in and chant still to UNI

iraniscc: Ferdowsi ppl take away camera of a bassij filming them.

iraniscc: Uni slogans:"I will kill the one who killed my brother".."down with dictator" SHAH SOLTAN - VELAYAT ur times up

iraniscc: ppl R boo-ing the bassij and sec force as they try to disperse them & shout.. "shah Soltan Velayat ur time is up'

iraniscc: @TehranBureau Sorry but it IS NOT quiet ! ppl are every where. Unless our friends are fooling around with all the screams and slogans !

omidhabibinia: Police Shooting Teargas at Poeple infront of Tehran University.

iraniscc: RT @shab77: RT @omidhabibinia Clashes At Vali Asr Sq. Spreading to all nearby Streets including Vila St...

lotfan: Cell network is shut down around enghelab #iranelection

iraniscc: RT @IranTweet: Accts of 100s to 1000s protesters gathering near Tehran Univ. Basij responding w/ btgs, tear gas, arrests.

jimsciuttoABC: Protesters are getting their #'s up. 100s, possib 1000s gathered at both Tehran Univ and Vali Asr Sq. Demo's growing

lotfan: Clashes At Vali Asr Sq. Spreading to all nearby Streets including Vila St...

omidhabibinia: Clashes At Vali Asr Sq. Spreading to all nearby Streets incl Vila St...

iraniscc: Vali asr ppl gathered sec forces attacked violently with everything.. ppl scattered in groups

iraniscc: From Tehran Uni to begining of Enghelab st at least 4000 ppl clapping full Bassij presence some scattred

omidhabibinia: Heavy Clashes at Vali Asr Sq. #iranelection

iraniscc: Tehran most have masks. well prep. & organized ..all clapping in unity

iraniscc: Tehran:Bassij try to prevent ppl from entering enghelab sq

lotfanRT: @omidhabibinia: Reports of Clashes at Dravzeh Shiraz, Isfehan.

lotfanRT: @IranRiggedElect: AFP: Seifzadeh and Dadkhah, HR lawyers and founders of Ebadi's rights group were arrested

jimsciuttoABC: With # of security forces & govt threats, fear possib at highest level so far. To see protesters defy that is remarkable.

MikVerbrugge: live report: Shots being heard from different parts of Tehran.

MikVerbrugge: live report: Unrest in Shiraz, Sari, Isfahan & many other cities being confirmed.

lotfan: Mashhad is reported to be very quiet

lotfan: People rallying from Imam Hossein suqare towards Enghelab

lotfanProtests in Iran on key reform anniversary #iranelection

jimsciuttoABC: Accts of 100s to 1000s of protesters gathering near Tehran Univ. Basij responding w/ btgs, tear gas, arrests.

iranisccRT: @shab77: Mashhad: protesters around the shrine. Isfahan:Ppl assembled b/w Si-o-Seh pol&Khajoo bridge.Lots of plain cloths.

iraniscc: RT @shab77: RT @fahimn Heavy Clashes at Karegar Shomali St, (Near Enghlab Sq.) Tear gas, Fire and blockage...

IranRiggedElect: AFP: Seifzadeh and Dadkhah, two HR lawyers and founders of Shirin Ebadi's rights group were arrested

iranisccRT: @Pray4FreeIran: RT @jimsciuttoABC: One witness: basij throwing protesters from pedestrian bridges in Shiraz UNconfirmed

iraniscc: girl arrested and dragged and beaten while being dragged. her hair&cloths in bad sit. taken away by bassij

omidhabibinia: Hundreds of Protesters chanting against the regime infron of Ploytechnic University, Near Azadi Sq. (not conf)

iraniscc: Enghelab sq packed with people from side streets, Basiji attacking them with batons & tear gas dick clubs

iraniscc: RT @Pray4FreeIran: RT @iran88: Clashes reported in Saatad Abad. Hundreds of protesters sitting on the ground in 12-e-Farvardin.

iranisccRT: @Pray4FreeIran: RT Choppers now in the air from Enghelab Sq thru Laleh Park.

iraniscc: Confirmed: No Mobile Network at Centrlal Tehran

jimsciuttoABC: Another witness: police throwing tear gas into buses, some protesters gathering near Tehran Univ

iraniscc: reg forces withdrawn from Enghelab and guards are put in...GOD plz help us. We have to do it

jimsciuttoABC: One witness: basij throwing protesters from pedestrian bridges in Shiraz

MikVerbrugge: live reports : Seem to be circling Cult. Inst. of Darolzahra,where the prayer service is.

MikVerbrugge: live reports : Basij & plainclothed at & around Dr. Beheshti Sq.

iraniscc: freind says; some bassij have local accent likeAstaara region: regime mobilised from all Iran for 2day

MikVerbrugge: live reports : Guards units being ordered to Dr. Beheshti Street

MikVerbrugge: live reports : Regular Security Forces ordered to leave Enghelab Sq. Guards units taking over

MikVerbrugge: live reports : Riot Guards moving to Enghelab sq - Police force being ordered back to bases.

iraniscc: Cars in Jomhouri junct. form of protest with horns.Bassij seen equipped with ax and pick batons

iraniscc: RT @Pray4FreeIran: URGENT INFO for Teargas : Im a Biochemist. Mix half vol antiacid half H2O for eyes mouth ears nose

iraniscc: @huffingtonpost CONFIRMED PROTESTS IN tehran, shiraz, isfahan, ahwaz, babol, kerman, mashhad, sari

omidhabibinia: Army Unit (IRG) Positioned infront of Interior Ministry. #iranelection


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