Friday, July 17, 2009

Israel Readies to Rescue Ahmadinejahd

You would think that the leaders of 'The West' would be doing their best to rein in crazy talk coming out of Israel about it's preparedness to attack Iran.

Such a move would simply hand a perfect justification to the regime to sideline opposition protests by issuing a rallying call for national unity against a foreign enemy. Exactly the line it is using in propaganda already. But with the smoking ruins of it's nuclear program as justification, it could even declare a state of war.

Curiously, such Israeli action has already been given the cover it needs: through supposedly loose talk about Israel's right to pursue it's national interest by U.S Vice President Joe Biden; and by both Obama and Hillary Clinton deadlining negotiations with Iran at September.

It's all the more puzzling considering that even talk of such intemperate actions works against the chances of Mousavi --who has already indicated a willingness to negotiate on ensuring Iran's nuclear program remains solely for civilian use.

Not much of this makes sense if you are working on the assumption that the leaders of "The West" are keen to see the emergence of democracy in Iran.

They're not.

It makes a lot more sense if you realize the value of the dancing sock-puppet Ahmadinejhad as a propaganda justification for the neo-colonial adventures of the Anglo-American-Israeli power axis against "crazy Muslims".

When you factor in that alliance's long-term, strategic relationship with Iran's regional rival: Saudi Arabia, then the combined value of the sanctions and the pathetic government of Iran in slowing Iran's economic and political advancement also makes a lot of sense.

Doubtless we can rely on the Israeli end of the alliance to launch a strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, if the regime can't suppress the uprising by September.

As one astute tweet on Twitter put it:
G8/Obama to Iran: You have until September to destroy the protests. Don't screw up.
Iran issues have in recent weeks become clouded with a dense fog of disinformation. The most pernicious of all, is the disinfo that the West loves freedom and wants the people of Iran to have a share.


  1. Yeah, and per the news today, Hamas says Israel laces gum w/ aphrodisiac to corrupt Palestinian youth! Your logic is so similar!

    Your concern w/ a national rallying call uniting Iranians against foreign powers is curiously self-serving. Would you not rather be united w/ your gov than obliterated by it? The regime is now and has for years issued a nat'l rallying call against foreign powers - and your fear is that if the US aids the protesters, Ahmadi will have cause to kill innocents, but if the US disables the gov's nuclear capabilities, Ahmadi will have cause to unite w/ innocents. The US & Israel are hated either way. Where's the carrot?

    There is little difference b/t Ahmadi and Mousavi - though there is great difference b/t them & their voting constituencies. We support the voting constituency as a whole - whether Ahmadi's or Mousavi's. We support the right to vote and to dissent - in no way does this infer or require that we support either candidate - we are mesmerized w/ neither! Nor does our overwhelming desire to see the voters secure their democratic freedoms infer or require even our most minimalistic belief that either candidate can secure a lasting and trustworthy diplomacy.

    If a foreign power knocks out the nuclear facilties or if the Iranian gov, itself, befungles them into oblivion - the protesters still retain personal control over their life choices - unite "against" the West, etc or continue to unite "for" freedom.

    And in closing, you malign our love for our own freedom? We in the US "West" purchased our freedom w/ the blood of our fathers - we hold it with the blood of our children. We value our freedom, and in spite of your arrogant allegations, we also value your freedoms - that Sea of Green flows as much toward Iran from the West as it does from Iran towards US.

  2. yes, the west hates freedom and wants a continuance of an insane and oppressive government in iran!

    you can't be serious. what nonsense!


  3. The u.s. (your 'west') has a history of doing just that... resemblance. It's notoriously hard to control the various forms of democratic government.

    The smaller the regime is at it's apex the easier it is to pay. period.

    Don't confuse the way you see the world with the way the world is... of course you will, no doubt, continue to do so but I can't help but point it out.